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Balkan - Tec21 jun 2002 - Ruedi Weidmann

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Decio Tozzi - Jardim Ipe school, São Bernardo do Campo 1966. 

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Daniel Fügenschuh - High school, Rattenberg 2011. Photos (C) Christian Flatscher.

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H Arquitects & Data AE - The pre-fab ETSAV student housing, Barcelona 2012. Via, photos (C) Adrià Goula.

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AFGH - Lake Rotsee refuge, Lucerne 2013. 

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Factory life, living and working in an old industrial building, by and for Julie D’Aubioul, a Belgian architect from Waarschoot. Photo by Tim van de Velde.

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Clyfford Still Museum by Allied Works

Walls of textured concrete form the primary building envelope, interior walls and structural system.

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Mirrors - Tower Bridge house by Richard Rogers, London - Photo and manipulation by Stef De Graeve


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